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"A president's set meal," said Sun Zhengcai as he waited to be served at the Qing Feng Steamed Dumpling Shop in Beijing's Xicheng district. Just two days earlier, on Saturday, President Xi Jinping had dropped in unexpectedly for lunch, and fame of his visit had spread far and wide. Sun, a 33-year-old ex-soldier, could have been home on Monday if he had taken a train from Weifang, Shandong province, where he had been on a business trip, straight to Liaoning province. But he chose to change trains in Beijing with his five boxes of green turnips, making the trip six hours longer and more than 200 yuan ($33) more expensive. Sun spent 50 yuan to store his 25 kg of turnips at the station and arrived at the shop at about noon to join a line more than 50 meters long. After waiting for nearly half an hour, he took his "president's meal" and went to the table at which Xi had sat — where Sun joined another line to wait for a chance to sit in Xi's seat and have his photo taken there. Sun then quickly moved to another table because of the large number of people who were waiting their turn to be photographed at Xi's table. The first thing Sun did, however, was not to start enjoying the dumpling stuffed with pork and green onions, but to upload to WeChat, a mobile social networking app, the photo he had asked another customer to take of him. "The greatest honor I had during my stay in Beijing was to have a set meal of the president," he said in the photo. After getting one more photo of himself in front of the shop, Sun hurried back to the train station. "I usually don't eat dumplings, but I finished all of them, just as President Xi did," Sun said. "His deed showed that he is a man of the people," Su,Jordan 12 Flu Game For Sale,n added. "I feel more confident in building a strong China under his leadership." Pan Xinxin, 27, a postgraduate student at the Central University of Finance and Economics, also decided to come to taste the same meal Xi had ordered after hearing of the president's visit. "President Xi's deed makes me feel he is quite close to the young and not reserved, and this makes us like him very much," Pan said. Pan decided to visit the restaurant because it is "affordable" and "it,Jordan 6 Piston,'s a place we can experience firsthand". According to an online post from Baidu, the largest search engine in China, the term "Qing Feng Steamed Dumpling Shop" had been searched for 33,317 times on Saturday. The post also said 71 percent of the search requests were from males, and that "How to open a Qing Feng Steamed Dumpling Shop" was the most-popular question on Saturday in the company's question-and-answer service.

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- China - 2014-09-11 09:35:48.016,000 Chinese workers strike over holiday benefitsstrike Court uses WeChat to solve labor disputes1158963Society2@webnews/enpproperty-->GUANGZHOU -- About 16,000 workers at two subsidiaries of a Taiwanese Apple supplier in South China's Guangdong province went on strike Wednesday in protest over holiday benefits.

Walkout at sports shoe plant

Huge IT layoffs trigger labor friction
Jordan 9 Doernbecher For Sale,; COLOR: #3366ff"> About 8,000 workers at Dongguan Masstop Liquid Crystal Display Co, run by Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Wintek Corporation, halted work for a second day. The strikers blocked roads outside the factory on Tuesday, a day after they received much lower cash bonuses for the Mid-Autumn Festival than expected. The festival, which fell on Monday this year, is an important traditional holiday for family reunions in China. The strike spilled over into Wednesday, with 8,000 workers at Wintek (China) Technology Ltd, another subsidiary also in Dongguan, joining the action. Some workers walked out of the factory and attempted to block a nearby highway connecting Dongguan with Shenzhen. Workers said recruitment advertisements offered cash bonuses equal to half of their monthly base salary on three festivals: the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival. A worker surnamed Zhang told Xinhua that the staff each received 700 yuan ($114) in cash and a box of mooncake on Mid-Autumn Festival last year. The worker, who earns about 3,000 yuan a month with overtime, said they only received a cash bon,Air Jordan I Mid USA,us of 100 yuan, a chicken leg and a banana this year. "The holiday benefits promised in the advertisements must be met, or we will continue our strike," said the worker. Lin, a manager with Dongguan Masstop, said the holiday benefits are not listed in the labor contracts and the employer can have a say in the amounts. The company is currently in difficulties and it is not illegal to cut holiday benefit, said the manager, adding that the firm will work with local authorities to settle the dispute.

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With passports and ID cards, tourists can get a one-day pass to the country within 24 hours. For motorists, driver's licenses also are required. Currently, the service is only available via travel agencies for group tourists. Previously, the procedure for getting a pass from China's border cities in Jilin and L,Jordan Hare 7 For Sale,iaoning provinces to the DPRK usually took two days. Tourists had to apply for the pass through travel agencies one week in advance. The first bicycle tour group from China to the DPRK visited on Friday. The three-hour tour went from Tumen to Nanyo in the DPRK. The group of 35 Chinese travelers visited the railway station of Nanyo and a statue of Kim Il-sung during their bike trip. They tasted local snacks on the commercial street in Nanyo. Tumen is an important arterial railway line for eastern Jilin province, with trains destined for Jilin city, Changchun, Shenyang and Beijing. Tumen is also the biggest border city in Jilin province. The Tumen River Bridge, administered by China and the DPRK, is at the border of the two countries. The number of Chinese tourists traveling to the DPRK has recently been rising quickly. A tourist train route from Tumen to Chilbo Mountain in the DPRK was resumed on April 30. The route had been operated for a year in 2012 and was suspended for renovation. There were more than 2,000 tourists in 2012, and the number is estimated to rise to 7,000 this year, according to Zhang Weidong, who manages the agency responsible for the train that runs once a week during peak tourism seasons. The train trip lasts three days and four nights and costs about 1,900 yuan ($310). "Chinese motorists are expected to be able to take road trips from Dandong, a port city in Liaoning, in June," said You Zejun,Jordan 13 Retro Black And Red,, director of the tourism bureau of Dandong. "The DPRK is a mysterious destination to many tourists. Simplifying the procedures for the pass and more transportation options will definitely attract more people. If the country opened its door to individual travelers, it would be great," said Zhou Yuan, a travel magazine photographer in Beijing. People have been allowed to cross the border and travel within 70 km of the border on road trips departing from Hunchun in Jilin since 2011, and the distance may grow to 200 km for drivers leaving from Dandong, Beijing Times reported. However, all routes will be closely monitored and approved by local authorities, and travel across the whole country is not likely to be allowed.